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Dragoljub J. Kečkić, Ph.D.

Full Professor at Faculty of Mathematics
Department for mathematical analysis
Courses 2019/2020: Analysis 3A - SFA group; Analysis 3B - MV and N groups.


Curiculum Vitae:

Dragoljub J. Kečkić was born on March 20th, 1972 in Belgrade. He graduated on 26 June 1995. at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Department for theoretical mathematics and applications. Master's thesis titled "Elementary mappings on the ideals of compact operators in Hilbert space", defended on December 8th 1998. PhD thesis, "The structure of tha range and the kernel of elementary operators" defended on June 12th 2003. Since 1995. to 1999. employed at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, as a teaching assistant. Since 1999. to 2003. worked as an assistant, since October 2003. as assistant professor, since May 2013. as associated professor and since 2019 as full profdessor. Area of interest: Theory of operators on Hilbert spaces, C*- algebras and other operator algebras.


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  1. Lebesgue points - Measure and integration; (in Serbian)
  2. Real numbers (in Serbian)
  3. Exponential and logarithmic function (in Serbian);
  4. Trigonometric functions (in Serbian);
  5. Uniform convergence (in Serbian)
  6. Integrals depending on a parameter (in Serbian)
  7. Fourier series (in Serbian)
  8. Functional analysis - selected topics;
  9. Analysis 3B;
  10. !!!NEW!!!Analysis 3A 2019/2020 exam questions;

Popular articles: (in Serbian):